Back to School STEAM Challenge

Back to School STEAM Challenge

It’s back to school season, and what better way to get kids excited about a new school year than with a fun STEAM Challenge!

STEAM Challenges not only create new ways to inspire your class but also give students the opportunity to be creative, learn how to think critically and quickly on their feet, and build better teamwork skills. In a classroom setting, they can also provide kids with a safe place to learn through failure.

The Challenge: Using the provided materials below, build a freestanding structure as tall as possible that can hold an apple at least 6 inches above the surface you are building your structure on.

Materials: Craft sticks, mailing labels, straws, paper, cardboard tubes, apple

Time: 8 minutes

Processing Questions: 

  • In what ways did your team work well together? Are there other ways you could have improved your teamwork during the activity?
  • What was the hardest part of completing this task?
  • If you could build the structure again, what could you have done to improve your design?















Share Your Photos!

After completing the Challenge, upload a photo of your design and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.