Halloween STEAM Challenge: Candy Corn Cauldron

Halloween candy cauldron with bat and candy corn crafts coming out the top.

Looking for a fun team-building activity for your kids or classroom? Add something sweet to the mix with our Candy Corn Cauldron STEAM challenge!

For this Halloween-themed activity, teams will use their creativity, engineering, and design skills to build a cauldron hanger that can hold the most candy corn.

After completing the Challenge, use the Reflection Questions to help teams reflect on what worked and what could have been improved.


Candy Corn Cauldron STEAM Challenge

CHALLENGE: Using the materials below, design and build a structure from which you can hang a cauldron (small cup or container). Your cauldron must hang from the structure and must not be supported in any other way. Test your cauldron to see how much candy corn it can hold.

MATERIALS: 10 straws (preferably paper), 2 chenille sticks (pipe cleaners), 4 craft sticks, 2 pieces of paper, 4 mailing labels (or 6 inches of tape), 6 inches of string, 1 small paper or plastic cup, 1 bag of candy corn

TIME: 15 minutes (you may provide more time for younger kids)


A. 5 points if your cauldron is successfully hanging from your structure and is not supported in any other way
B. 5 points if your cauldron is at least 2 inches from the surface (measuring from the bottom of the cauldron to the surface on which you built your structure)
C. 3 points for every 5 pieces of candy corn your structure holds
D. Up to 20 points for the creativity of your solution
E. Up to 20 points for how well your group worked together

Reflection Questions:

  • What was the most difficult part of the challenge?
  • How did you work together as a group to design and create your structure?
  • If you could solve this challenge again, how would you improve your design?

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