DI Team Encourages Positivity through Creativity

DI Team Encourages Positivity through Creativity

Thank you to all of our teams, parents and volunteers who have reached out to us over the past two weeks, sharing your messages of hope and gratitude. Some of you have also shared how your kids or team members are working to spread positivity and encouragement.

Last week, we received an email from The Breaking Barriers, a sixth-year Destination Imagination (DI) team that wanted to share a message with our global DI community.

“We know that every team has poured their creativity, time, and effort into their solutions to this year’s challenges. We share your disappointment in the cancellation of numerous DI tournaments due to COVID-19, but Destination Imagination is not only about the destination. Destination Imagination is about using your imagination, creativity, and teamwork to make the world a better place, and the spirit of DI is much needed in these difficult times. In every adversity lies opportunity, and the novel coronavirus pandemic presents a unique chance for everyone to use the skills that we have learned from DI. Together, we can be a part of something bigger than ourselves because we all know that great things happen when we work together and share ideas. We are all capable of greatness, so if we collaborate, we will be able to achieve something beyond great.”

The Breaking BEARriers created a website to showcase the projects their working on, including writing notes of appreciation for teachers and mail carriers, and even making face shields for hospital workers in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, more participation is needed to make a bigger impact, and they’re looking to collaborate with other DI teams and volunteers to further their mission.

To connect and collaborate with The Breaking BEARriers, visit their website at http://www.breakingbearriers.org/. We also encourage you to read their open letter to the DI community.

And as always… keep putting good into the world in any way you can.