S1 Episode 10: Millions of Micro-Moments of Bravery with Joze Piranian

Headshot photo - Joze Piranian-blog

“I am fully owning what makes me different, what makes me unique – and once we are able to fully own what makes us unique, we regain control over our narrative. And we are no longer controlled by the fear of being judged for not being like everyone else.” – Joze Piranian

In today’s episode, guest host Paige Curtis chats with Joze Piranian, award-winning motivational speaker and stand-up comedian who’s known for his TEDx presentations and his workshops on inclusion and resilience. Joze opens up about his stutter, and how he transformed from a person who avoided speaking for 25 years to someone who’s spoken to audiences around the world (in multiple languages!).  Joze also tells us about how Toastmasters and stand-up comedy helped him learn to face his fear, and offers his advice to young people who feel like they are different. 

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