Call for Ignite 2023 Speakers!

Image promoting the Ignite 2023 virtual education conference. Photos of Destination Imagination teams at Global Finals 2023.

IGNITE 2023 is a virtual education conference that brings Destination Imagination (DI) volunteers together from around the world. The conference is designed to help DI volunteers learn new and innovative education approaches, network and share successful fundraising and marketing strategies, explore critical issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion, and more.  This year’s conference will take […]

Show Us Your Team’s Creative Process!

Photo of a Destination Imagination team with their props at Global Finals 2022.

Destination Imagination (DI) is seeking Team Managers to serve as DI Correspondents for the 22-23 season. DI Correspondents will contribute photos, videos, and/or guest blog content to be utilized on DI’s website and social media.  So often, we only get to see DI teams in tournaments or at an awards ceremony – meaning we don’t […]

We’re Back for Season 2 of What’s the Big Idea?

What's the Big Idea? Podcast starts April 21. Photo includes image of white headphones.

What’s the Big Idea? – our career podcast – is returning for Season 2 on April 21, 2022! Join us for a round of all-new episodes featuring industry leaders working in business, meteorology, education, creative writing, and more!  In each episode, you’ll hear from fascinating guests about how they created successful careers using the key tools of […]

What Makes Global Finals So Unique? Share Your Story!

Photo from the Global Finals Welcome Ceremony. Text says, "What makes Global Finals so unique? Submit your story."

Do you have a fond memory of attending Global Finals? What do you think makes Global Finals such a unique event?  We’re looking for students, parents, Team Managers, alumni and more to share their thoughts with us for a special episode of our What’s the Big Idea? podcast.  Our hope is to feature voices from […]

Episode 12: Legumes in Space with Ted Tagami

“You want someone to feel something if you’re going to be involved in an experience. And for me, learning meant I needed to remember something. Like, I remember my dad tripping over me in the early morning hours, because I was watching on this black and white TV on this big ol’ console there in […]

Episode 11: Class Recital to American Idol with Rachel Hale

“I would love to touch on this from a perspective of, like, if you might believe differently from me, I still want this to apply to you if you’re listening to this. So, for me, I think all of us can resonate with the idea that we want to make a difference in the world…I […]

Episode 10: Millions of Micro-Moments of Bravery with Joze Piranian

“I am fully owning what makes me different, what makes me unique – and once we are able to fully own what makes us unique, we regain control over our narrative. And we are no longer controlled by the fear of being judged for not being like everyone else.” – Joze Piranian In today’s episode, […]

Episode 9: Learn Like a Beginner with Gail Bower

“You have to learn to be a beginner again. And there’s a lot of creativity in that beginner place, but it’s not very comfortable.” – Gail Bower This week host Michele Tuck-Ponder sits down with Gail Bower, Revenue Strategist with Bower & Company Consulting LLC. Gail chats with us about how her love of creative […]

Episode 8: Culture Points with Brian Guehring

“I’m very excited because in my job, not only do I personally get to be creative and do fun things, but I also feel that the work we’re doing is making a difference in our community. Whether it’s teaching a young person and helping them with their self-confidence, or creating a platform for queer youth […]

Episode 7: Leaving a Legacy in Education with Gabrielle Gay

“I knew, even at a young age, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life giving back. I wanted to spend the rest of my existence pouring into others and making the world a better place. Because, quite frankly, when we leave, we don’t take anything with us – you know? We don’t […]

Episode 5: Mathematics, Mentorship, and Quilting for Change with Dr. Chawne Kimber

“New things only come from being creative. If we just accept tradition and only do traditional things going into the future, then we aren’t going to make any progress.” – Dr. Chawne Kimber In the latest episode of What’s the Big Idea?, Michele interviews Dr. Chawne Kimber, Dean of the College and Washington and Lee […]