S1 Episode 11: Class Recital to American Idol with Rachel Hale

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“I would love to touch on this from a perspective of, like, if you might believe differently from me, I still want this to apply to you if you’re listening to this. So, for me, I think all of us can resonate with the idea that we want to make a difference in the world…I was able to learn from so many different beliefs – around my own faith, even!…and so I think I was able to become a better songwriter because I was able to understand different cultures and different ways of thinking.” – Rachel Hale 

This week, host Michele Tuck-Ponder fangirls over Rachel Hale – singer, songwriter, American Idol contestant, and DI alum. Rachel walks us through her journey in the music industry, how a class recital launched her path to American Idol, and what it means for her to combine her music and her ministry. Rachel also shares her advice for students who might feel like an underdog, gives us a look at her songwriting process, and tells us why “true, authentic music has to come out of a heart.”

In this episode, we ask you to download our activity guide promoting Social-Emotional Learning at home or in the classroom. Click here to download this free resource today.