Fall Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Fall Scavenger Hunt for Kids

From the changing of leaves to birds migrating, there’s so much going on in nature during the fall. It’s also a great opportunity for kids to get out and explore before winter approaches!

As a kid, I always loved checking things off of lists. (Ok, I’ll be honest…I still love doing that.) With this fun and simple scavenger hunt we’ve put together, kids will have blast searching for everything from wildflowers to squirrels to spider webs—and checking them off their list, of course!

Download and print our Fall Scavenger Hunt list.

Photo Hunt Contest
Want to make this a team activity? Split the kids into small groups of 2 and have each group take a photo with each item they find on their list. Provide a small, affordable prize for the winning team, such as a snack/treat, toy or book.



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