How to Generate Publicity for Your Team


Whether you’re preparing for your upcoming Regional Tournament, Affiliate Tournament or Global Finals, using publicity to promote your team is a great way to show your community the amazing things you are doing, as well as raise some funds for team expenses.

One of the best ways to do this is to contact your local media, including newspapers, TV stations and radio stations. To help you, we’ve created a press release template for DI teams. Complete the press release and email it to your media outlets. To ensure your email isn’t marked as spam, we encourage you to cut and paste the press release into the body of the email, rather than sending it as an attachment. All press releases must include a contact person for reporters to follow up with.


Publicity Tips

  • Present basic information on the Destination Imagination program.
  • Provide a compelling story and make the case for why the local community should know about your team.
  • Provide information on important events your team is hosting or attending, such as fundraisers, DI tournaments, etc.
  • Share a call to action – talk about the benefits of Destination Imagination and provide our organization’s website address ( for more information.
  • Provide visuals – Send journalists and producers high-resolution photos and/or videos. Print publications typically require high-resolution photos (at least 300 dpi).
  • Contact your local media sooner than later! Journalists need time to pitch and write a story, so advance warning is extremely important.
  • Use social media – Many news websites across the globe get their content from social media channels—especially Twitter. Share your project or team story on social media and be sure to tag your local media stations!

Get started today by downloading our press release template for teams. Best of luck!

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