Instant Challenge: Exploring Material Properties

By: Tina Shaffer

The Instant Challenge component of the Destination Imagination Challenge Experience helps your team learn how to quickly assess a situation, make a plan, and work together to create a solution in a very short period of time. A variety of our Instant Challenges require your team to use certain materials to solve the Challenge. When selecting materials to solve your Instant Challenge, it’s important for your team to understand key material properties. Check out our Exploring Material Properties Cards to help your team explore the following:

Malleability – Can the material be easily given a new shape?
Hardness – Is the material resistant to scratching or indentation?
Elasticity – Is the material able to return to its original shape?
Plasticity – Is the material able to be molded or altered into a desired share?
Density – What is the ratio between mass and volume? For a material to float, its density must be equal to or less than the density of the liquid.

Download our Exploring Material Properties Cards for your next team meeting.

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