Is Your Perception Really a Reality?

Is Your Perception Really a Reality?

Things are not always the way we perceive them to be. Each of us uses a filter or lens as we notice problems and circumstances around us. Is our perception reality? Perhaps there is more to the situation than we realize. Perhaps we need to look at the filter through which each of us processes our behaviors, beliefs, and thoughts.

An excellent way to know if your perception is reality is by growing into an outstanding critical thinker. Critical thinkers are better thinkers and now is the time to take steps to becoming a better thinker. Once mastering the steps to better thinking, critical thinking becomes a state of mind; a way of life.

In addition to reshaping adult thinking, growing the next generation into critical thinkers is imperative. A recent study by IBM shows that behavioral skills are the most important for members of today’s workforce. Moving forward what we used to know as “soft skills,” and now called “uniquely human skills,” will clearly surpass more technical skills for success in the workplace. Better thinkers will rise to the top of all industries.

Dr. Christopher DiCarlo, professor at the University of Toronto, in his book Six Steps to Better Thinking, lays out how to “disagree and get along.” The art of critical thinking can lay a firm foundation for looking at the world and information around us, for sorting our perceptions, and for engaging with others regarding the information.

Dr. DiCarlo explains argument, bias, context, diagram, evidence, and fallacies in his book. Sound like the ABCs? It is. From argument, which brings about an awareness of a thinker’s point of view, to fallacies where you learn maneuvering the “slippery slope” and “hasty generalization,” we can shape ourselves into better thinkers.

Destination Imagination worked with Dr. DiCarlo to bring his critical thinking expertise to you. Join our new webinar and video series to better your thinking and gain insight into what can shape tomorrow’s critical thinkers. Dr. DiCarlo will discuss his six steps to better thinking (and how to disagree and get along).

Destination Imagination invites you to view this webinar and video series and receive a certificate for 4.5 hours of professional development hours while becoming a better critical thinker.

This webinar and video series is open to everyone and is available at no cost. If you are an interested teacher or educator but not a Destination Imagination Team Manager, please fill out this brief form. If you are a Team Manager, please add yourself to your team on the Resource Area and you will be invited to join the Destination Imagination Learning Management System.

Help better your thinking and gain insight into what can shape tomorrow’s critical thinkers.

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