New Year’s Eve Ball Drop STEAM Challenge

New Year's Eve Ball Drop STEAM Challenge

Ring in the new year with a little STEAM! Our New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Challenge is a fun, easy and affordable way to make your festivities special.

For this activity, kids will use materials they have on hand to design and build a New Year’s Eve ball that can drop at least 2 feet. Then they’ll create a short performance about it. Check out the full details below.

Challenge: The Times Square Ball Drop in New York City is scheduled to start in 20 minutes, but there’s been a malfunction! Can you help save the day? Your team will design and build a New Year’s Eve ball that can drop at least 2 feet. You will also create and present a performance that includes your ball drop. Your performance should be at least 2 minutes long.

Suggested Materials: Paper, cardboard, crayons or markers, tape, string or yarn, paper clips, craft sticks, balloons, one string of lights

Time: 20 minutes



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