Passover STEAM Activity: Matzo Maneuver

Pieces of matzo with flowers, nuts and the Star of David. Text says, "Destination Imagination Passover STEAM Challenge: Matzo Maneuver"

Ready for a STEAM challenge you can’t passover? For this holiday-themed activity, kids will pretend to be chefs at a restaurant and will create one or more devices that can be used to serve matzo balls to a very hungry customer. See how many matzo balls they can serve in under 3 minutes!

Matzo Maneuver STEAM Challenge

Challenge: You’re chefs at a restaurant and one of your customers is craving more and more matzo ball soup! Create one or more devices that can serve matzo balls to your hungry customer.

Setup: Create/select items to use for your matzo balls (e.g., Ping-Pong balls, golf balls, playdoh, bouncy balls). Try to use items that are of different sizes and weights. Have at least 10 ‘matzo balls’ and place them in a pot. Place a medium-size bowl approximately 10 feet from the pot.

Materials for Serving Device(s): 1 index card, 1 sheet of paper, 2 craft sticks, 2 chenille stems, 2 paper straws or pencils, 1 rubber band, 6 inches of tape

Time: 7 minutes (4 minutes to create your devices and 3 minutes to serve your matzo balls)


A. 3 points for each matzo ball you successfully transfer to the bowl
B. Up to 20 points for the creativity of your device(s)
C. Up to 20 points for how well your group works together