Shape Up (and Out) Instant Challenge

Shape Up (and Out) Instant Challenge

Need more Instant Challenges for your team meetings? See how your team uses their creativity and teamwork skills to solve our Shape Up (and Out) Instant Challenge!

Challenge: Build a freestanding structure as tall and as wide as possible in one of the following shapes: square, cylinder, hexagon, or star.

Materials: 6 chenille stems, 2 feet of string, 8 inches of masking tape, 4 straws, 2 pieces of paper, 2 pencils, 1 6-inch piece of foil

Time: 8 minutes

A. 10 points if your structure looks like the shape you were trying to create
B. 5 points for each inch of height of your structure (up to 60 points max)
*height will be measured down the middle of the structure
C. 3 points for each inch of width (up to 50 points max)
*width will be measured at the widest point of the structure
D. 10 points if the widest point of your structure is at least 6 inches above the base
E. 5 points for a square or cylinder, 10 points for a hexagon, 20 points for a star
F. Up to 20 points for the creativity of your structure

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