Show Us Your Team’s Creative Process!

Photo of a Destination Imagination participant with a large, colorful hand prop. Text says, "Show us your team's creative process."

Destination Imagination (DI) is seeking Team Managers to serve as DI Correspondents for the 23-24 season. DI Correspondents will contribute photos, videos, and/or guest blog content to be utilized on DI’s website and social media. 

So often, we only get to see DI teams in tournaments or at an awards ceremony – meaning we don’t get to witness their creative process. The goal of the DI Correspondents program is to showcase each step of a team’s creative journey, from first meeting to final tournament.

Team Managers who are selected as DI Correspondents will be asked to share content on a monthly basis, September through May, for a time commitment of approximately 30-60 minutes each month. Becoming a DI Correspondent is a volunteer position. All DI Correspondents will be asked to obtain photo consent for each member of their team.

DI Correspondent assignment may include:

  • Sharing photos/videos of different steps in your team’s journey as they complete their Challenge
  • Documenting your team’s responses to questions about their DI experience
  • Writing a guest post for the DI blog and/or Team Manager emails
  • Other duties as determined by the DI Correspondents

Interested Team Managers should fill out this application by September 15. All applicants will be notified of their status by September 22. Questions about the DI Correspondents program can be sent to [email protected]