STEAM Challenge: Going the Distance

By: Tina Shaffer

It’s time for more STEAM! For this activity, kids and teens will use a set of materials to build a structure as tall as possible. Then they will place a piece of paper on top and blow it off to land as far away as possible. They’ll have 8 minutes to complete the challenge. How high and far can they go?

Challenge: Using the materials below, build a structure as tall as possible, place a 4inx2in piece of paper on top, and then blow the piece of paper off to land as far away as possible.

Materials: Aluminum foil (12inx12in), 2 paper clips, 4 straws of any type, 3 sheets of paper, one 4inx2in piece of paper, 4 pipe cleaners, 1 mailing label (or 2 inches of tape)

Time: 8 minutes


A. 3 points for each inch of height of your structure
B. 2 points for each inch away from the structure the piece of paper falls (horizontal distance)

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