Study: Closing the STEM Gap

Study: Closing the STEM Gap

Thank you to all of the Destination Imagination educators who participated in the STEM research project (in partnership with the Research Consortium on STEM Career Pathways, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, National Girls Collaborative, Student Research Foundation and AAPT Physics Education) over the past few years.

The demand for skilled workers is high and the available talent pool of STEM graduates is not keeping up with the demand. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating increased demand for skilled engineers, scientists, technologists, analysts and related fields. Whether it is to build the next great health technology, mine data to create Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications, or explore the fast-moving driver-less technologies the demand is high and organizations are hungry for new talent.

The research explores the various STEM fields and highlights opportunities for both students and teachers to investigate together. When considering the future of STEM it is important to analyze the trends of both females and other underrepresented groups considering these fields.

  • 74%of high school students in STEM classes are in a career pipeline that will require STEM skills.
  • However, more work remains to be done to encourage more females and other underrepresented groups to pursue STEM education and careers.

Click here to view the latest research findings, which include shareable, high-resolution infographics.