Lights, Camera, Creativity! Join the Team Film Challenge

Logo for the Destination Imagination Team Film Challenge alongside 3 images of students acting and creating films.

Get ready to hit the red carpet with Destination Imagination’s Team Film Challenge! This filmmaking adventure (designed for elementary through university-level students) isn’t just about lights, camera, and action. It’s about empowering young minds to collaborate, innovate, and bring their stories to life. Every participant will play a crucial role in turning imagination into ingenious […]

Our 2024-25 Challenge Previews are Here!

The Challenge logos for the 2024-25 season of Destination Imagination.

Whether you’re just learning about Destination Imagination (DI) or have been a participant or volunteer for years, it’s never too early to get excited about our annual Team Challenges. And next season’s Challenge Previews have just been posted!   Check out a sneak peek below and then head to our 2024-25 Challenge Previews page for full […]

Celebrate Pi Day with a STEAMtastic Challenge!

Image of a pie with a pi symbol on top. Text says, "Destination Imagination Hold the Pie STEAM Challenge."

Pi Day is coming up on March 14, and we’ve cooked up something special just for you – a festive STEAM challenge that will have your kids building, designing, and problem-solving together.  Hold the Pie STEAM Challenge Challenge: Forget just eating pies – let’s build them! Using the materials below, design and create your own […]

Become an Instant Challenge Developer!

Illustration of a red cup with colorful straws coming out the top. Text says, "Become an Instant Challenge Developer"

Have ideas for Instant Challenges? We are excited to announce that the applications to become a Destination Imagination Instant Challenge Developer are now available! Becoming a member of the Instant Challenge Development team is a great way to engage with DI as an adult volunteer. By bringing together varied, like-minded, and collaborative people, DI has […]

Winter Wonderland STEAM Challenge

Illustration of a boy and a girl wearing winter gear and ice skating on a frozen pond.

Take your kids on the ultimate frosty adventure with our Winter Wonderland STEAM Challenge! Challenge: Your Challenge is to create a Winter Wonderland scene that incorporates at least 1 team-created Special Feature. The Special Feature must be created and/or operated using at least 1 STEM principle. This includes, but is not limited to, principles in […]

Team Meeting Activity: Crazy Hat Challenge

Illustration of a facial costume, consisting of round glasses, a mustache and a colorful jester hat.

Looking for more activities for your DI team meetings? Inspire creative thinking and help your team members practice their presentation skills with this Crazy Hat Challenge from Pennsylvania Team Manager, Jackie Wynkoop! Challenge: Design and construct a unique and imaginative crazy hat that incorporates STEAM elements and represents what Destination Imagination is to you. The […]

Instant Challenge: Exploring Material Properties

Photo of paper straws, newspaper, paper cups and chenille stems (pipe cleaners). Text says, "Exploring Material Properties: Improve Your Team's Instant Challenge Skills."

The Instant Challenge component of the Destination Imagination Challenge Experience helps your team learn how to quickly assess a situation, make a plan, and work together to create a solution in a very short period of time. A variety of our Instant Challenges require your team to use certain materials to solve the Challenge. When […]

Navigating Destination Imagination: How to Choose the Perfect Program

Image contains colorful paint splashes around the border. Text says, "Navigating Destination Imagination: How to Choose the Perfect Program for Your Students."

Creativity is a skill that is essential in today’s world. It is the ability to think outside the box, come up with new ideas, and solve problems in innovative ways. At Destination Imagination, our goal is to teach kids and teens the creative process—a step-by-step approach that helps them to better understand problems, ask better […]

7 Life Skills Kids Learn in Destination Imagination

A group of students work together as a team on their Destination Imagination Team Challenge solution. Text says, "7 Life Skills Destination Imagination Teaches Kids."

As parents and caregivers, one of our main goals is to ensure that our children are equipped with the necessary tools to navigate life successfully. Alongside academic knowledge, teaching kids life skills is crucial to fostering independence, resilience, and confidence. It also helps to empower children to tackle challenges, make informed decisions, and develop into […]

23-24 Team Numbers Now Available!

Destination Imagination's 23-24 Challenge Logos

Ready to use your creativity and imagination in an adventure of a lifetime? We are thrilled to kick off our 2023-24 season of Destination Imagination (DI)! Teams can choose to be part of our in-person Challenge Experience, where they can take on one of our seven standard STEAM-based Team Challenges, or they can opt for our […]

STEAM Activity: Build a Flying Device

Illustration of an orange airplane on top of white clouds and a blue sky. Text says, "Flying Device STEAM Activity by Destination Imagination"

Ready to take your children’s imaginations to new heights? For this STEAM activity, kids will have the chance to create a new and innovative flying device of their own design! ?️ But here’s the best part: THEY get to decide what the flying device will be used for! Will it be a delivery drone that […]

Join the 2023 Digital Open STEAM Competition

The Destination Imagination logo and Make Some Noise Challenge logo on a purple background.

Looking for a STEAM program that’s flexible enough to meet your needs? Join us for the 2023 Digital Open! The Digital Open is a seven-week, travel-free STEAM competition open to elementary, middle school, high school, and university students worldwide. Teams can solve the challenge together in person, remotely, at school, or from the comfort of their own homes! […]