Team Manager Tips: STEM & Videography Skills

Team Manager Tips: STEM & Videography Skills

This season’s Destination Imagination (DI) Team Challenges and Instant Challenges introduce skills that some students may not have experienced. As you know, Team Managers can teach skills as long as they don’t give the team members ideas or do the work for the team. You may be wondering how you will teach STEM skills and videography skills when you may not be able to work with your team in person. Just to help you get a handle on teaching some new skills, here are several websites that will help your team members craft an effective solution to the 2020-21 DI Challenges.

Educators and Team Managers are often looking for informational videos they can share with their students or team members. This blog post recommended by the STEM Education Coalition from The Tech Edvocate lists several YouTube sites with videos that explain a variety of science concepts. Your team members will enjoy exploring the videos as they begin to plan the solution to their Challenge.

The website,, provides resources for design professionals. Take a look at this blog post that lists 20 video production tutorials. The videos focus on creating a business video, but the techniques will transfer to what DI team members are creating this year. The tutorials mention some free tools to use as well.

Shutterstock is a well-known company that provides stock photography and other resources to design professionals. Their blog post on videography tips lists 9 tutorials that may help your team members as they craft a team-created video solution to their Challenge.

Once your team members’ video is planned and recorded, they may decide it needs editing. If your team members search for video editing tutorials, there are many free tutorials, but they are often for a software program that is expensive. Here are a few links to courses that are not about one specific software program:

Have a fantastic DI season with your team. The Challenges are in a different format this year, but they are still energizing, engaging, and educational! I love them so much that I wish I could go back to being a Team Manager!