The Creativity has Begun! What Do I Do Now?

The Creativity has Begun! What Do I Do Now?

You’ve purchased your Destination Imagination (DI) Team Number, downloaded the Challenge materials from the Resource Area, and set your first meeting for next weekend. Congratulations! You are officially a Team Manager.

But, wait! If you are an experienced Team Manager, you might be wondering if there is anything new you need to know. If you are a new Team Manager, you might be wondering how to get your team started.

Destination Imagination, Inc. offers an online learning system with courses to help you as you guide your team through the DI season. The system is available to all Team Managers who have registered themselves as the Team Manager in the Resource Area.

Newly registered Team Managers will be added to the DI Learning Management System (hosted by Adobe Captivate Prime) weekly. Team Managers will receive an invitation email from Adobe inviting them to set up an account.

Our standard Team Manager courses have been updated with new information, activities and videos. The following courses are available now:

  • Getting Started as a Team Manager
  • Rules of the Road
  • Understanding Interference
  • Roles of a Team Manager (a series of short webinars)
  • What Happens at a Tournament: Tournament Procedure Videos
    • Engineering Challenge – In the Cards
    • Improvisational Challenge – To the Rescue
    • Technical Challenge – The Big Fix
    • Fine Arts Challenge – Picture This
    • Scientific Challenge – First Encounter
    • Service Learning Challenge – It’s About Time

New courses will be added in September and October, including:

  • Keeping DI Team Members Safe
  • Challenge-Specific Training for each Team Challenge
  • Six Steps to Critical Thinking (a professional development webinar for educators)

Challenge Master and Appraiser courses will be added in November and December.

Destination Imagination offers additional resources to assist Team Managers:


Roadmap is a Team Manager resource developed to assist you in guiding your team members as they design and execute a Challenge solution. Section three (Guiding Your Team) explains the roles you will fill as a Team Manager, gives examples of how to begin solving a Challenge, introduces project management, and provides example meeting agendas. Section three will also point you to other resources available in Roadmap.


Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road is a document that contains all of the rules, procedures, and some of the forms required to participate in a Team Challenge at a tournament. Regardless of the Team Challenge a team has selected, it is very important for the team members to review Rules of the Road to learn the details of the DI Challenge Experience, to prepare for tournaments, and to make sure the Team Challenge solution complies with rules and procedures found in Rules of the Road.


Local Training Events

Most DI Affiliates provide local trainings with hands-on activities and opportunities for Team Managers and other volunteers. Locate your Affiliate website to find dates and locations for in-person trainings near you.