Tournament Checklist for DI Teams

Text says "Tournament Checklist for Destination Imagination Teams" and includes icons including a checklist, clothes, props, tools, food, and an umbrella.

Whether you’re participating in your first Destination Imagination tournament or you’re a seasoned DI-er, it’s important to create a checklist to make sure you have everything you will need on your team’s big day. Below is a basic checklist that includes many of the items you will need to bring (and a few you should bring) to your Regional or Affiliate Tournament. Be sure to print the list and add any other items that are specific to your team’s Challenge solution.

  • Tournament Data Forms, Expense Report and Declaration of Independence:  Most tournaments require teams to submit their forms online through the Resource Area. You can learn more about submitting online forms in our 21-22 Tournament Guide for Teams.
  • Lunch and Water: During a full day of excitement, it’s important to stay fueled and hydrated. If you don’t pack food, make sure you fit a meal into your schedule for the day.
  • The Props: Before you walk out the door, make sure you have every single piece of your Challenge solution.
  • Your Team Identification Sign: The sign helps the Appraisers and audience members identify who they’re watching.
  • Team Clarifications: If your team requested any Clarifications, you need to bring them to the tournament.
  • Appropriate Clothing: Sometimes it can get really chilly or really warm at the venue, so be sure to pack appropriate clothing.
  • Umbrella or Tarp: Your props and materials may be perfect inside the car, but the rain outside may be disastrous.
  • Extra Scripts or Notes: In case of an accident, extra copies will allow your team to keep practicing.
  • Instant Challenges: Bring a few Instant Challenges to get some last-minute practice in.
  • Fix-It Kit: A kit full of useful items could help you fix damaged materials for your solution. Kit items may include duct tape, theatrical makeup, fabric, markers, tools, paint, rope/string, a glue gun or anything else your team will need to do touch-up work.


We wish you the best of luck and cannot wait to see your solutions! Be sure to share your tournament photos with us on FacebookX, and Instagram.