Tournament Guide for Teams

Image says, "Destination Imagination Tournament Guide for Teams"

Our Tournament Guide for Teams is now available!

Our Tournament Guide provides detailed information on what to expect at your Destination Imagination tournament, as well as some tips from teams and Team Managers on how to have a great tournament experience.

Here are the most important things to know about your tournament:

  • The Tournament Team wants it to be a great experience for you! Everyone has worked very hard to set up your tournament so that you can have a great day filled with fun and creativity. Sometimes things don’t go as well as we would like, but we want you to know that your Tournament Team is doing the very best job they can. Who is your Tournament Team? It’s the Tournament Directors, Challenge Masters, Appraisers, your Team Managers and your parents – all the people who are working together to give your team a great, creative day where you can show off your Challenge solution!
  • The tournament is how your team gets feedback about your solution from the Appraisers. These volunteers are there to watch your Presentation, ask you questions about your solution, and help you celebrate your Destination Imagination journey! The Appraisers’ job is to ensure that all teams are scored fairly. They are trained to make sure every team is awarded as many points as they have earned and to reward creativity in all of its forms. Remember, they’re excited to see what you’ve made!
  • Sometimes, a team receives a deduction or a score that doesn’t make sense. While the Appraisers are well trained, sometimes they miss things or don’t understand what your team intended. You can appeal deductions and objective scores by talking to your Head Appraiser or Challenge Master (remember, subjective scores cannot be appealed!) If you are still unhappy with the outcome, you can ask for a Dialogue. Dialogues are conducted by a team of tournament officials who review the appeal and make a judgment. Details about the Dialogue appeal process can be found in Rules of the Road.

Be sure to download and read the Tournament Guide for Teams for more tips. You can also find a copy of this guide in the Resource Area.

Best wishes to you and your team this tournament season! Be sure to share your journey with us on social using the hashtag #DestinationImagination.