Virtual Instant Challenge: Fewer, Not More

Virtual Instant Challenge: Fewer, Not More

We’ve had some great responses to our scavenger hunt activities these past couple months, so we’re back with another one! However, we’re stepping up the difficulty level for this one. For this challenge, kids and teens will challenge their friends to create the largest scavenger hunt collection possible…using the fewest number of items. Intrigued? Check out the synopsis below and then download a copy of our Fewer, Not More Virtual Challenge to see Scoring, Reflection Questions and a Scavenger Hunt Items list.

Setup: Contact one or more friends and challenge them to an unusual scavenger hunt. Set the boundaries for where you will look for the objects on the list: inside the house only, in your yard, or maybe both. Set a time limit for the hunt. The list is long but a fast-paced hunt could be lots more fun. Perhaps 10-15 minutes would be challenging. When time is up, come back together online and score your collection.

Challenge: Create the largest scavenger hunt collection possible using the fewest number of items.

  • Using the Scavenger Hunt Items list provided (see page 3), collect as many of the items as possible and answer the questions about them. You do not have to bring the objects back, but you must locate and identify them. You might agree to snap a photo of each item.
  • Remember, the goal is to collect the fewest number of items that can fit as many of item descriptions as possible on the list.
  • Higher score is given for fewer objects than more items found.

Time: You and your friends decide on the limit but keep it short enough to make it challenging!

Scoring & Reflection Questions: Scoring and Reflection Questions can be found in the full copy of our Fewer, Not More challenge. Click here to download a copy. 

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