Virtual Instant Challenge: Unknown Structure

By: Tina Shaffer

Get ready for our first-ever Destination Imagination Virtual Instant Challenge: Unknown Structure! This virtual activity is designed for a group of kids or teens to do together online through a video chat app or platform. For this challenge, group members will need to use a specific set of materials to build a structure that can hold a Ping-Pong ball. They will not know ahead of time what they will be scored on for this challenge.

Group members will need to complete the structure portion of the challenge on their own. (The group can determine the time limit for this part of the challenge.) After all group members complete their structures, they will meet online and a parent will provide them with the scoring elements.


Virtual Instant Challenge: Unknown Structure

Challenge: Using the materials below, have every member in your group each build a structure that will hold a Ping-Pong ball. The group will not know ahead of time what will be scored.

Have the group members connect through a video chat app and have their structures with them.

A parent (or Team Manager) will give the group a copy of the Scoring for this challenge once everyone is online together. Have one group member (or the parent or Team Manager) read each of the scored elements for this challenge. Have another team member (or the parent or Team Manager) keep track of everyone’s score.

Materials: 8 pieces of paper, 6 chenille stems (pipe cleaners), 1 12in (31cm) piece of foil, 2 cardboard tubes, 8 straws, 4 craft sticks, 1 small paper cup, 8 mailing labels or 12 inches (31cm) of tape, 1 6in (15cm) piece of string, 1 Ping-Pong ball (or item of similar size)

For Parents/Team Managers Only: Click here to download the scoring for the Unknown Structure Virtual Instant Challenge. Do not provide the group members with these details until their group meeting online.

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