What Does a Challenge Solution Look Like?

What Does a Challenge Solution Look Like?

If you’re a first-time Team Manager and have no prior experience with Destination Imagination (DI), you may be thinking, “what does a DI Challenge solution even look like?” And that’s a great question.

Before we talk about examples, however, it’s important to discuss some of the materials we’ve developed to help you manage your team through the solution process.

Our Roadmap resource for Team Managers (available in our Resource Area) is a great tool for helping you manage your team members as they design and execute a Challenge solution together. It also contains several worksheets to help guide your team through their planning process, including documenting their project tasks, goals, and even supplies they need for building their solution.

A Challenge solution typically takes teams two to four months to complete. Once they have enough of their solution completed, teams are encouraged to practice presenting their solution several times. This is a great way for them to assess their progress and possibly rework or reimagine ideas.

It is also extremely important for teams to review our Rules of the Road resource to learn the details of the DI Challenge Experience, to prepare for tournaments, and to make sure their Challenge solution complies with the rules and procedures found in Rules of the Road.

To see how it’s all put together, check out some of our teams’ past Challenge solutions, available on our YouTube playlist below.

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