Creating Safe Learning Experiences for DI Participants

Creating Safe Learning Experiences for DI Participants

As an organization that provides programs and events for youth, the commitment to safety is a top priority for Destination Imagination (DI) and we strive to provide every team member with the safest possible experience. As you are waiting for the 2020-21 Challenges to be released, this is a good time to review the Destination Imagination Youth Protection Policy and take the Keeping DI Participants Safe course on the DI Learning Management System.

The Destination Imagination Youth Protection Policies & Procedures (DI-YPPP) establishes the minimum standards of safety recommended for all Destination Imagination activities, including team meetings, training classes for students, DI Regional, Affiliate and Global Finals Tournaments, and activities outside of tournaments. Adults working and volunteering for any Destination Imagination programs must understand, acknowledge and follow the standards set by Destination Imagination. All DI volunteers are also expected to understand the standards set by the school or organization hosting or sponsoring their team or tournament.

The following foundational guidelines, working in concert, will help ensure that DI participants have a safe learning experience:

  • Each team is required to have at least one adult Team Manager who attends and supervises the team’s activities, has read the DI-YPPP document, and has completed the required DI-YPPP training and background check. It is strongly recommended that each team have at least two adults attend and supervise the team’s activities and who have read this document and completed the required DI-YPPP training and background check.
  • Team Managers, team members, and team parents discuss the DI-YPPP and any associated training in age-appropriate terms and agree to follow it.
  • Team Managers, team members, and team parents understand appropriate guidelines and behaviors as explained in this document and know what to do if the DI-YPPP is not followed.
  • In the United States, all Team Managers are required to get a Complete/Level 3 Background Check through Sterling Volunteers. The check can be purchased on the DI website OR directly from Sterling Volunteers and then shared with Destination Imagination. Further instructions on initiating the background check can be found here.
  • Team Managers outside of the United States should contact their Affiliate Director for local background check requirements and protocols.

Click here to view and download our Youth Protection Policies & Procedures, as well as our Youth Protection Information for Parents.