Episode 1: Finding Paths to Pursue Your Passion with Andrew Berry

By: Destination Imagination

“All jobs are work, but all jobs don’t necessarily have to feel like work.” – Andrew Berry 

In our first episode, Andrew Berry, General Manager of the Cleveland Browns, reflects on his journey to a career in professional football via Harvard, a computer science degree, and being willing to say no to Wall Street—proving there are many ways to pursue your passions. Andrew also tells us about the Browns’ #BeTheSolution campaign and how all of us can work towards affecting change. 

Andrew Berry is an alum of Destination Imagination and the recipient of the 2021 Alumni Icon Award. His advice to current DI teams: “Really compete in earnest and realize that you’re developing life skills along the way.” 

In this week’s episode, we ask you to start planning your DI team for the 21-22 season. Click here to learn about ways to get started.

Episode 1