S1 Episode 3: Music, Art and Technology with Grace Hsiu

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“I think one of the biggest things that I feel like kids could learn is how to work well with others, how to collaborate, how to be able to listen to their teammates, and also how to accept constructive feedback because that will go very, very, very, very far no matter what field that you are in and what industry because it’s so important.” – Grace Hsiu

In this episode, we talk with Grace Hsiu, Senior Manager of Artist Strategy at Platoon, an artist-centric record label owned by Apple. Learn how Grace applied her fine arts degree, as well as her creative and collaborative skills learned in high school, to land one of the coolest jobs at one of the world’s largest tech companies.

In this week’s episode, we ask you to start your DI team for the 21-22 season. Click here to learn about ways to get started.