Fall Into a New (Virtual) Season of Destination Imagination

Fall Into a New (Virtual) Season of Destination Imagination

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: Covid cases are surging again around the globe, and many of us are preparing to return to all-remote learning (if we weren’t there already).

As parents and teachers, we’re worn out, scared, stressed, and at times even angry and disappointed. It can be a daily struggle, and we can all relate.

Until a vaccine is readily available and administered, the ability for schools to provide a stable, dynamic and truly collaborative learning experience will always be uncertain.

And that’s exactly why you and your team can’t afford to miss out on the new season of Destination Imagination. 

Here are 10 reasons you need to join in.

  1. Challenges. This season’s Team Challenges are mind-blowing. Have you seen them?
  2. Continuity. Provide your kids with a bit of reliability in this uncertain time.
  3. Learning. Your students may be struggling to learn through virtual schooling, but virtual DI keeps kids engaged through hands-on activities that support their learning.
  4. Friends. Your kids miss connecting with their teammates.
  5. Team Managers have feelings, too. And your team misses you.
  6. Creativity. With all that 2020 threw at us, wouldn’t your kids benefit from creativity? (And confidence building, communications skills, conflict resolution, and a heaping dose of critical thinking skills?)
  7. Screen time for good. Yes, getting kids off screens can be a challenge. But with DI, your kids will use screens as tools to solve their solutions.
  8. No snacks. We’re virtual this year, so you’ll save a few bucks and shopping trips on snacks. 😉
  9. Kids rule. In DI, kids make all the decisions. The Team Manager keeps everyone on track. You’ll get some time to relax and watch your child blossom. How cool is that?
  10. Fun. Many of us are going back on lockdown. With DI, your kids won’t even notice because they’ll be having so much fun collaborating.

As former DI parents, Team Managers and volunteers, you’ve seen firsthand how your children have grown and gained invaluable life skills through their participation in DI. Ensure that your kids have this amazing experience again in 2020-21 by purchasing your Team Number now.

As you may know, this season of Destination Imagination was designed so that teams can solve our Challenges 100% virtually. Each of our seven 2020-21 Team Challenges transforms seemingly endless screen time into a constructive and productive learning experience, while keeping your kids connected to their friends during a time when they may feel isolated and alone.

Our Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Service Learning, and Early Learning Challenges are now available for download. Improv and Engineering will be released on December 1.

Don’t pass up what could be the best thing your kids (and maybe even you) need right now.

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