Global Finals 2024 Financial Assistance

A Destination Imagination team wearing colorful hats poses for a photo at Global Finals 2023.

Dear DI Friends:

Autumn is my favorite season! I can’t wait for the trees to burst into red and gold. I have been watching WAY too much football (Go Northwestern University, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Jets!  We won’t discuss the NY Giants.). And the apples are superb this year–I’m a HoneyCrisp girl, through and through!

It’s also team registration season, and as Destination Imagination (DI) continues to recover from the pandemic, we are really excited that our team numbers continue to grow and exceed our expectations. We still have a long way to go, but we are delighted that so many students will enjoy the DI experience and gain communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills while having fun!

The good news about DI’s continued progress is that the Global Finals Financial Assistance will be available for teams that qualify. Back in 2019, we initiated a financial assistance program for teams, but of course that was derailed by the pandemic in 2020.  

Our focus will primarily be based on demonstrated financial need. We also hope to include modest levels of funding to “close the gap” for teams that may fall short of fundraising goals or have team members for whom the expenses of attending Globals are out of reach for their families.

While we will not be able to provide assistance to every single team that applies, we are confident that we can and will make a difference for some teams. You can read more about these details on the Global Finals page of our website. 

Enjoy this beautiful season!!

Best regards,
Michele Tuck-Ponder
CEO, Destination Imagination, Inc.