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Global Finals is the culminating tournament for each season of Destination Imagination’s Challenge Experience, with the top teams from around the world competing in their respective Team Challenges. Please check back in the coming months for more information about GF24.


Kansas City

What is Global Finals?

Each May, Destination Imagination’s top-tiered teams from around the world gather in Kansas City, Missouri, to participate in Global Finals—the world’s largest celebration of creativity. Check out some of the highlights on our YouTube channel.

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How can teams attend?

tournament qualification

Teams are guaranteed a spot at Global Finals by competing and ranking at their Affiliate Tournament.

Team Managers of qualified teams will receive an invitation to register for Global Finals via email within 36 hours of their Affiliate Tournament.

Where do you have to rank to qualify? That depends on where you live and the size of your Affiliate. Please check with your Affiliate about the ranking requirements where you are located.

JOIN The waitlist

All teams are able to join the Global Finals Waitlist. The Waitlist is intended to allow teams to declare their interest in attending Global Finals even if they do not qualify through their Affiliate Tournament. Teams on the Global Finals Waitlist are not guaranteed a spot at Global Finals 2024. If space allows, waitlisted teams will be invited on a first-come/first-served basis.

IMPORTANT: Please check with your school/district about its policy regarding financial support of teams invited to Global Finals via the Waitlist.

The Waitlist for Global Finals 2024 will open on January 15, 2024 for teams to sign up. Click here to receive reminders about the Global Finals Waitlist.

What does it cost?

The Global Finals event registration fee is team-based and includes unlimited credentials for team supporters (spectators). Destination Imagination will provide additional resources to help you plan your trip, including group rates at selected hotel properties. Meals and lodging are not included in the registration fee. Kansas City offers incredible opportunities to design your perfect trip to Global Finals. More details on the experience are coming! Stay tuned!

$ 5500
  • Unlimited Entry Credentials**
  • The Tournament
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Prop Storage Exhibit Space
  • Special Events
  • Pin Trading


Destination Imagination is pleased to announce that we will be offering financial assistance for Global Finals-bound teams. These funds are intended to make the event more accessible for the teams that need the most help.

Global Finals 2025 Financial Assistance Information Coming Soon!

The application form will be open from January 15-March 15. It is a brief form consisting of 13 questions. Within the application, teams will be asked to describe their financial need and why they would benefit from attending Global Finals 2024.

With most Affiliate tournaments occurring in March or April 2024, we fully expect and encourage teams to apply for financial assistance prior to attending their Affiliate tournament.

Any teams that can demonstrate financial need are encouraged to apply.

The amount of financial assistance each team receives will be determined by their application and their demonstrated level of need.

All applications will be reviewed by a committee with representatives from DI’s Board of Trustees, staff, and alumni. Awards will be based on financial need and the team’s responses on their application.

There is a question on the application that reads “Why do you and your team want to be a part of Global Finals 2024? How will your team benefit from attending?” Your team’s response to this question will have the biggest impact on their application.

We will start notifying teams that have been selected for financial assistance starting on April 8. Teams participating in Affiliate Tournaments after April 8 will not be notified until their tournament is complete. All teams will be notified of the status of their application by April 26.

If your team is selected for funding, your award will be applied to your registration fees. At this time, financial assistance funds can only be applied to registration fees; all teams will still be responsible for their travel, housing, and food.

Questions about financial assistance can be directed to [email protected]. All questions will receive a response via email within 24 hours.



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