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2022-23 Published Clarifications

Engineering Challenge
Thrill Ride

Every team is expected to know the Published
Clarifications for its Challenge.

The deadline to ask a Team Clarification is January 31, 2023, at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

Engineering-Thrill Ride

 #1 OCTOBER 6, 2022

In the Challenge, Section I.F.5 should read: “Prior to arriving in the Roller Coaster Check-In Area, your team must prepare each Roller Coaster part with a string placed along the center of the track so that the string reflects the actual length of the track along which the golf ball travels.”

 #2 January 18, 2023

In the Challenge, Section I.B.8 should read: “Corrugated Cardboard: Commercially available material used for boxes, made from wood pulp, formed of three layers, with an internal pleated (or fluted) layer. The corrugated cardboard must be 3/16in (4.5mm) thick or less. Single-layer and non-corrugated cardboard, such as that used for paper towel rolls, wrapping paper tubes, toilet paper rolls, shipping tubes, cereal boxes, etc. are not allowed.”