5 Team Challenges Now Available!

5 Team Challenges Now Available!

We are so excited to officially kick off a brand-new season of Destination Imagination, which can be done 100% virtually!

Starting today, five of our seven Team Challenges are now available for download! After purchasing your Team Number and passing your background check, you will have instant access to our Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Service Learning, and Early Learning Challenges. (Our Engineering and Improv Challenges begin December 1!) You will also have access to important resources, including Rules of the Road (your team’s guide for understanding the rules and procedures this season), Roadmap (a handy resource for Team Managers, which includes tips and tools for managing your team), and the Instant Challenge Practice Set (remember, Instant Challenge is worth 25% of your team’s overall score at a tournament!). All of these materials are available now in the Resource Area.

As your team members begin developing a solution to their Challenge, they may run into sections they find unclear. If your team runs into this issue, or has a question about something stated in Rules of the Road, the Team Manager can submit a Team Clarification on the team’s behalf. Click here to learn more about Team Clarifications.

We hope you have a safe and amazingly creative journey together this season, and we cannot wait to see where your imagination takes you over these next few months. And remember, if it doesn’t say you can’t, you can!

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