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Illustration of the "Battleship" game. Text says, "Periodic Table of Elements Battleship."

Periodic Table of Elements Battleship

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is all about exploration and experimentation, but just like in Destination Imagination, you can

Intern at Motorola Solutions

Intern at Motorola Solutions

For the past few years, Destination Imagination, Inc. has been honored to receive educational grants from the Motorola Solutions Foundation.

Image of a child playing with plastic blocks. Text says, "Destination Imagination STEAM Challenge: Rube Goldberg Machine"

Rube Goldberg Machine STEAM Challenge

Engineering challenges aren’t just about building things; they’re about igniting curiosity and unleashing creativity! With a Rube Goldberg machine, kids

Publicity Tips for DI Teams

Publicity Tips for DI Teams

Whether you’re preparing for your upcoming Regional Tournament, Affiliate Tournament or Global Finals, using publicity to promote your team is


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